I am reminded of the movie White Noise and a question suddenly springs in minds - Can the living communicate with the dead? 

We have heard about all kinds of living-dead communication. The ghost who talked to Hamlet being the most popular. Ouija Boards are as popular as ever. What is this phenomenon about living-dead communication? I doubt if Sherlok Holmes could answer this question. There is no way he could have answered ... "Elementary, my dear ...". 
Whether spirits are attempting to communicate with us or not, we are trying to communicate with them—Husbands with deceased wives; Wives with deceased husbands; Parents with deceased Children and Children with deceased Parents. Their motive are different. Sometimes it is closure, sometimes it is just the need to know that they are alright, now that we can not take care of them. 
This is a true Story....
The Reverend Arthur Bellamy told the co-founder of British Society for Psychical Research Frederic W. H. Myers about the “lady” he saw one night sitting by the side of the bed where his wife lay sound asleep.
Bellamy stared at the strange woman for several minutes, noting especially the elegant styling of her hair, before the lady vanished.
When Mrs. Bellamy awakened, the reverend described her mysterious caller. He was startled to learn that the description fit that of a schoolgirl friend of his wife’s with whom she had once made a pact that the first one to die should appear after her death to the survivor.
The astonished clergyman then asked his wife if there was anything outstanding about her friend, so they might be certain it had been she. “Her hair,” she answered without hesitation.
“We girls used to tease her at school for devoting so much time to the arrangement of
her hair.” Later, Bellamy identified a photograph of his wife’s friend as being the likeness
of the specter that had appeared at her bedside.
These stories might be hoax of their days, which we believe to be true, however, there are millions of instances of such paranormal occurrences. If we can see the dead at times, why can we not hear or communicate with them? They surely do carry the power of communication, the knowledge of words from their lives after their death, don't they? Do They? 
Till date there is to be one big story about communication with the dead. I am sure that some corroborated story might have made it to the headlines, it has not! I am no skeptic, but then I am no gullible fool either. I am not deciding one way or the other till I get some evidence. 


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